Who we are?

BIOTECHNIKA is an independent company that has established itself as a leader in Industrial Bio-technology in Central Europe. Over the past ten years we have gained unrivalled experience and expertise in this rapidly expanding industry.

From simple beginnings we have grown to a firm with eight direct employees, now based in our customised offices in the historic Scheibler's factory, Lodz. We pride ourselves on having grown organically, through building long-term relationships with our customers.

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What we do?

Biotechnika specialise in the complete Project Management of plant commissioning in selected industries. We offer full turn-key industrial installations to exacting customers requirements, as well as completing specific components of projects. We manage the entire process (from the permission permits/procedures, engineering designs, plant installation & commissioning) to deliver complete turn-key technological lines. We even supervise partial or general construction. Additionally our company can offer support in attaining financing and co-financing (EU/National Government/Regional). This financing can be granted for innovative/R&D industrial investments, or for regional investments in certain targeted areas.

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Ethanol and bio-fuel

Classical fermentation processes, including multi-purpose ethanol production, were the first area of Biotechnika's business. Today we offer unique technological solutions for the production of food-grade, technical and bio-ethanol. Based on our extensive experience, we offer solutions that ensure raw material flexibility (e.g. grains, molasses, sugar syrups) from a single installation.

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Bio-energy and bio-gas

Growing environmental awareness, and industry demands stemming from it, are the reason why bio-energy has become central to our business. Almost all installations we are now involved in are based on energy produced from bio-gas (agricultural and industrial bio-gas works), or combine bio-energy facilities with primary processing installations (such as ethanol plants combined with bio-gas works and waste water treatment plants).

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Waste water treatment plants

Due to the nature of the waste generated by ethanol/bio-energy production, we from the beginning had to incorporate WWTP's with most of our installations. It is now almost a given that any ethanol, bio-energy facility will incorporate such a facility. The solutions on offer have evolved rapidly, and continue to do so. The most common type of WWTP we install are High Rate Anaerobic Treatment Plants (HRAT). It is an energy efficient and reasonably priced solution. These systems are now so sophisticated that we can offer proven technological solutions that can process all waste on site.

Industrial processing of agricultural products & other food production

At Biotechnika we pride ourselves on coming up with unique and innovative solutions to our clients challenges. One such recent innovation is a process to utilise (for ethanol production) the starch washed from grains pre-mashing. By doing so Biotechnika have turned a waste water into an additional source of ethanol (and income), and also purified the waste water.

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Research and Development

R&D is a critical pillar of the Polish Government's development strategy. Through a combination of domestic and E.U. funding, up to 90% of the cost can be attained for qualifying proposals. Biotechnika have experience in ataining and managing such projects. We have worked with a number of private companied and research/educational institutions to successfully develop such projects. One of our particular focuses is the commercial scale production of fine chemicals for the cosmetic and hygiene industries.

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Modernization projects for existing plants

Biotechnika was also involved in modernization projects for existing plants

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